Taking payment processing to new heights for
America’s professional services.


Simplified payments for professional services.

It’s hard to build a business when you’re running around at a million-miles-an-hour trying to make sure invoices get mailed, bills get paid, and every other payment need is met. Let us take part of the burden off your shoulders.

Equipment included.

No need to buy your own equipment, it’s included. Keep more money where it belongs—in your wallet.
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Next-day funding.

Small business owners need to get paid in a timely fashion. At Talus, we make sure that happens with next-day funding for merchants that qualify.


Easy-to-use and absurdly reliable, Talus payment processing technologies simplify life for the business owner like you.

Complete customer service.

Quality customer service isn’t just an accessory anymore, it’s an indispensable part of business. Talus takes care of you, so you can take care of yours.
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Equipment is included.

Don’t want to buy a terminal? Or worry about repairs to your machine? No problem. With Talus, our equipment and repair service are included. There’s no need to shop around anymore. One less thing you have to worry about.

Talus Pay Terminal Included – FREE*

Everything you need in a standalone countertop device

Make your sales quick and efficient with the Talus Pay Terminal. Instantly accept credit cards and debit cards in one smooth transaction. Sign-up today and we’ll send you our Talus Pay Terminal.

*First terminal only.

  • Easily accept EMV credit cards and PIN debit cards—the most common mode of customer payment
  • ATM-style keypad for easy use by customers and staff
  • Supports smartphone-based mobile wallet transactions like Apple Pay
  • Automatic updates with value-added features and upgrades, without any action on your part.

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Mobile Payments Reader Included*

Everything you need to get paid while on the go.

Your business doesn’t always happen at the counter. If you’re on the move you’ll need to be able to process and print receipts for customers. Our mobile payments reader gets you paid while on the go.

*Activation and wireless fee required.

  • Small, lightweight – slips right in your pocket
  • Quiet, environmentally-friendly thermally-printed receipts
  • Magnetic Stripe Reader available
  • Can be combined with your mobile device
  • Works with both Apple and Android

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Your Partner For Processing

When it comes to payment processing companies, you have lots of choices—make the right choice the first time. Partner with Talus.

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