Gift cards to grow your business.

From retail, to restaurants, to professional services, gift cards bring new clients to your business. It’s an easy to use program that helps you attract new customers while retaining existing ones. Roughly 50 million consumers buy gift cards every year—it’s a revenue stream that can send your business soaring.

Your Sales

Attract new customers, retain existing ones, and increase order values. Gift cards do all three.

Provide Convenience

It’s an easy gift, easy to pay with, easy to replenish, and customers want this convenience.

Eliminate Counterfeits

Paper certificates expose you to the risk of counterfeits and lost money. Physical cards reduce the fraud.

Get More

Gift cards give you a leg up on your local competition. Start standing out.

Easy to use. Easy to accept. Gift cards for growth.

Let’s get rid of those old school paper gift certificates and use physical gifts card to fuel your growth. Talus has the right options to fit your business. New to gift cards? Don’t worry. We’re here to help. Just ask.

Preset Or Optional Amounts

Your customers want options. You can give it to them. Provide preset denominations or give them a choice.

Single-Use Or Reloadable Cards

Let your customers replenish their cards or give them an expiration date to keep them coming back for more.

Your Partner For Processing

When it comes to payment processing companies, you have lots of choices—make the right choice the first time. Partner with Talus.

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